Strategy and Campaign Development

We apply a structured approach to help clients develop external engagement strategies across stakeholders and anchored in business objectives. Any strategy must contain broad aspirations and concrete measurable goals, and be explicit about not just what you choose to do, but also what you choose not to do, as well as how you plan to stand out against your competitors. In this process we identify the necessary processes and management systems, including stakeholder management and monitoring, and develop the performance measures relevant to track your implementation and demonstrate progress and success.

Policy Development

Policy development is integral to most public affairs functions, but real impact is rarely achieved unless you do this while keeping in mind the interests of other stakeholders. We help you identify which policies are the most relevant for your goals, such as support of launch planning, with a focus on the interests of other stakeholders, and to determine where you need to develop positions.

Organizational Development

For clients that are establishing or restructuring their public affairs function we help designing the function/organization as well as outlining the necessary resources, with a business case where needed. This process can be integral to strategy development, but can also be done as a stand alone project.

Capability Building

We help clients build plans for talent development and capability building, identifying what competencies and skills must be developed, both for individuals and for teams as a whole, and deliver trainings in public affairs. We also coach individuals on all aspects of Public Affairs, from strategy and policy development, to the softer skills needed to be an effective advocate. To talk about how we can help you, please email us on

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